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Nourish your body with Moringa - Nature's Miracle Plant

Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa Leaf Powder

-Protect against free radicals.
-Supports to a healthy immune system.
-Supports to maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
-Supports to maintain cholesterol levels.
-Protecting & nourishing hair and skin.
-Support to make bone healthy & strong, aid in joint pain.
-To treat edema and mood elevators.
-Aid as liver protector, anti bacterial, anti oxidant.
-Help in diabetes, cancer, stomach diseases, asthma & - anemia.

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Moringa Soup

How to Make

Moringa Soup

1 teaspoon in 
glass of water

Place in stove and bring a boil while 
strirring continously
to avaoild lumps.

Simmer for 3 Minutes and Serve Hot

Moringa Soup
Moringa Soup
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Combination Of 
Moringa & Jeera

Moringa Jeera
Moringa Jeera
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